One Day You Win the Next Day You Lose

Jaylan Wells

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Shoes aren’t as rare as they use to be. When I was growing up when new Jordans released waiting in line was the best thing ever. The Adrenaline rush and excitement of winning the raffle to buy a shoe you knew not many others would have was the best. It was like a game, either you win or you lose.

Today, the shoe game is no longer the same. All the classics are being re released and everyone can get the same shoe. The value of the shoes has gone down and you can’t make money off them like you use to be able to.

Shoes are always on shelves and since with the increase of product the prices drop. This is the worst because if you bought shoes for $190 and a week later they became $149 you realize there really aren’t worth it anymore.

Yes, shoes that everyone likes may be cheaper now but that’s not the point anymore. The game is no longer fun, the profit is no longer there, and everyone is dressed the same. I hope one day the shoe game can go back to how it use to be untill then im not in a rush to buy a new pair, I’ll continue wearing the old classics.

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Jaylan Wells, Photographer, Editor

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One Day You Win the Next Day You Lose