A Gun-ridden World

Steven Roberts, Writer

Imagine a country where you wouldn’t have to go to school worried about there being a gun-threat present – that feeling deep within you that tells you something’s wrong; your safety. Imagine a country where underage kids couldn’t get their hands on guns whenever they pleased.

I, for one, no longer feel safe traversing to school due to events in recent history. To clarify, gun-threats are being issued left and right, all over the country. These kids, who may or not have mental health or other health issues, think that it’s hysterical to threaten a mass amount of students with a shooting. Do you think that scholars look forward going to school everyday with that ever-so-subtle feeling that perhaps something tragic could happen? It’s the not knowing of what could happen that’s the scariest part.

The students at Parkland High School didn’t think something so tragic would happen on February 14th, when their school was terrorized with a shooting. 17 people, students and staff included, were shot and killed during this travesty.

It’s amazing how loose the gun laws are in the United States. There are just so many loopholes in the system. Sure, the politicians can talk all they want about Gun Control, but what legitimate action has been taken? Rhetorical question – the answer is none.

I have been thinking a lot lately: what if our government would get its act together and finally do something about the terrorism that’s before us? If someone were asking me what I’d do about this lurking yet prominent problem, I’d say:

“Rid the United States of the guns.”

Rather broad, isn’t it? I mean, how could our government banish guns from the premises of the United States? It just isn’t realistic.

But hear me out:

Imagine if, instead of guns, everyone (once they have reached the age of 21) was given a registered self-defense dagger? Everyone will be given a minuscule knife with a 5-inch blade, used for self-defense purposes soley. This would give every dangerous encounter a more, well, fair outcome.

Someone threatens to kill you? Let the dagger-off commence!

Two people, duking it out on the street, with only daggers. Close-range combat between two people is the most fair outcome! It makes sense.

This would be the most fair thing for everyone. No more mass shootings.

And I think that with enough votes, the Federal Government may do something about this very serious predicament. We’re all in this together to end gun-violence.