Gen Z and Politics

Noah Westerman , Gen Z story November 2, 2018  

To Be an American

Gavin Allen, Reporter November 2, 2018

This is my story on how I feel abut being an American

My American Story

The images in this collage represent all the amazing things I've received from the this great country I live in
Austin Thomas November 1, 2018

M.A.D.E 2 Live Podcast

M.A.D.E 2 Live Podcast

October 31, 2018

This is my new podcast series based on an at risk youth program known as M.A.D.E, which is an acronym for "Motivated All Day Everyday". Here is a link to listen to the first episode: M.A.D.E 2 Live...

Is Gen Z the Laziest Generation?

October 31, 2018

In this video I interview people asking wether or not Generation Z is the laziest generation.

No Doubt That Drop Outs Are Cop-Outs

David Biragane, Reporter October 31, 2018

Lack of direction, lack of money or just pure stress. I asked a handful of people what they think is the leading cause of dropping out of school.

Teenagers and Altercations

Ryan Ball and Skyler Bentley October 30, 2018

The student and staff of Eastside's opinion on how teens interact and hold themselves through life. This opinion vary's depending on a persons age, culture, and coming up. We asked people all with different...

Phone Addiction

Phone Addiction

Angelo Cajigas, Reporter October 30, 2018

Teenagers and cell phones. It's hard to spot a teen without their phones. They have them during family conversations at a dinner table, during class, and when they are with their friends. We sometimes...

How Many Genders areTthere?

How Many Genders areTthere?

James Bonci, Reporter October 30, 2018

How many genders truly exist in our world today?   We interview Subjects at FCPS and ask how many genders they believe there are.

Us vs. Them

Adult Perception of Us vs. Our Reality
CJ Nicholson, Reporter October 29, 2018

First Impressions may be lasting impressions, but maybe it shouldn't be that way. My generation (Gen-Z) is different. There is more than meets the eye.  To know and understand my generation you must...

Everyone's a Winner Generation

Everyone’s a Winner Generation

Graduation Chords are Out, Small Pins Are In
Sarah Murphy, Reporter October 26, 2018

In an effort to make everyone feel equal during graduation at West Jessamine High School, graduation chords recognizing outstanding academic achievement are out.  Small pins are in. Seniors weigh in...

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Gen-Z: A Personal Perspective

October 26, 2018

Gen-Z is a generation of teenagers born between 1995-2012. I am one of them. Listen to my podcast with my personal perspective of living  life as Gen-Z Gen-Z podcast

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