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Dunbars Cultural Fair: An Educational Fair to Behold

Delia Charles, Reporter

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Japan's Display



Learning about different cultures from around the world has always been something that I have been rather interested in, but the culture fair that took place at Paul Laurence Dunbar brought a whole new light to learning about these different cultures. And not only did it introduce me to places that I have never learned about before, but it also educated me on many different aspects of the country all the way from what type of government it has to their native animals and minerals. But the thing that really amazed me was that I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire fair while being educated at the same time.

But to start the event off, there were beautiful displays for each of the countries with creative designs and lots of information. They had countries from each of the continents except for Antarctica and some of the displays had small activities or things that you could have done to go along with them. Some of my favorite activities that I took part in involved getting my name written in both South Korean and Arabic, and cutting my own cocoa (Hershey kisses) from a cocoa tree, which I found to be very creative.

The people that were explaining the displays were also very enthusiastic and cheery which certainly kept the scene alive. Especially the two lovely people that ran the Japanese display, which were my personal favorites during the display portion of the fair. I mean, It was pretty hard to not like them with there outgoing personalities, beautiful display, props and a good sense of humor. But they were certainly not the only ones that kept things entertaining, the Canadian and Russian displays were another two of my personal favorites with the Russian displays Russian nesting dolls and Canada’s enthusiastic duo.

Another cool thing about this fair was the fact that they provided food from other cultures for a surprisingly low price. And while I sadly did not get to try any of this food for myself, I have heard several people tell me that they thought that the food was delicious and that they would be willing to try more foods from different cultures whenever they get the chance.

And finally, to top everything off, at the end of the fair, there were several beautiful performances from talented students that included anything from traditional dances to children’s nursery rhymes and other important cultural songs from all around the world. And while there were several amazing performances, my favorite performance by far was a dance that everyone that attended the culture fair did, including the Superintendent, Manny Caulk.


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  1. Mrs. Williams on March 25th, 2016 1:34 pm

    Thank you so much for writing this great article.


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Dunbars Cultural Fair: An Educational Fair to Behold