Fahrenheit 451

Mollie Engdahl, Writer

Do you ever question any of the codes?

You laughed

That’s against the code!

This isn’t the first time it threaten us

Last month it happened twice

Rule 1. Answer calls swiftly

  1. Burn everything
  2. Start the fire swiftly
  3. Stay alert for other flames
  4. Report back to tree immediately

You know the code, where’s your common sense?

We hate code 4

Leaders aren’t the Queen Bee, safe in the hive

It was their code, they should have thought of that

You’ve got to fall to rise, don’t you know?

Everyone must leave something behind when they die, the leaders said

Captain knows you’ve questioned it, doesn’t she?

Her “friends” turned in an alarm earlier, that leaders let ride if you know

You can’t ever have a perfect society my young one

Fahrenheit 451, a Novel by Ray Bradbury  

The found poem seen in the collage above is based on quotes from F- 451, exposing the theme of Rule and Order. Rule and order, a theme is seen throughout the novel F-541 fits perfectly with Eastside Tech’s 145 fire engines. Additionally, the Phoenix symbol is the mascot of Eastside Tech school!

Fahrenheit 451, one of many novels by Ray Bradbury, it presents future America in a time which books are banned. Fahrenheit  451 is a social criticism and science fiction novel published in 1953. A dystopian novel, Fahrenheit 451 conveys the message that oppressive government left unchecked can result in irreparable damage. In a totalitarian government, society has stopped reading books, enjoying nature and even conversations are uneventful.Books are outlawed and firemen burn houses containing books instead of saving houses from fires.

If you haven’t read Fahrenheit 451, any first thoughts to a world where books are outlawed? To keep from giving any spoilers I won’t reveal all my thoughts.

F – 451 Poem

The story ends the way it started (sorta). It’s quite an interesting novel to read. It condemns anti-intellectualism while holding the reader’s’ attention. To some, the ending is terrible, others dissatisfying and to some lovely.  It ends similarly to the way it started with conflicts, character, and obstacles. The end of the novel was done lovely in my opinion, it ends with open doors with a beginning rather than an end. I was satisfied rather than dissatisfied with the end, but that’s just my opinion.