Fight for the Internet

No Wifi, no life

Katherine Bullion

Net neutrality is the basic principle that internet providers cannot prohibit certain sites and companies from running the same speed as every other site. Recently, Chairman of the FCC’S, Ajit Pai, has proposed to repeal net neutrality. That means that you may have to start paying extra for high speed internet on certain sites. This is not okay and definitely not something I’ll stand for. Everybody deserves to get the services they’re paying for and it’s not ethically right for big companies to charge more for rival companies.

The FCC is going to vote in December but you can still do something to make your voice heard. Sites like Battle For The Net and Save The Net are sites that help you get in touch with local representatives about the issue. There is still time to stop this. Going to protests and making your voice heard over social media helps. This impeaches on freedom of press and freedom of speech, making this unconstitutional.

Point that out. Make your voice matter. We can not let internet providers take advantage of customers. Net neutrality is here to help us and they want to take that away. There are more videos on youtube talking about what net neutrality means if you’re interested to learn more. We have to fight for our freedom on the internet.