Gen Z Depressing Humor

The Feelings Behind the Colorful Memes

Katherine Bullion, Writer

If you’ve ever encountered a Gen Z kid online, you may have been shocked to find them posting self deprecating humour, some bordering on suicidal. While some people see this as disturbing, for kids of this generation it’s seen as therapy. It’s a way to get their problems out while also seeing that they aren’t alone. It connects people based on mutual sadness. It’s a way to poke fun at what they’re feeling, making it less intense for them.

That doesn’t mean that they’re trivializing mental illness, they’re just trying to make the best of it with humour. It’s a coping mechanism. Most older generations don’t understand that, either because they just don’t get mental illness or they don’t get the humour of it. Often times they deligitamize Gen Z’s problems because they’re seen as taking things too lightly. Older generations haven’t taken the time to hear Gen Z out about their reasoning.

A shocking part of the memes you may see is how colorful and wacky they look. If you look at the posts from a glance, you may not  even notice the troubling words. It’s disguised by colorful backgrounds and funny images, sometimes not even relating to the words.

It’s definitely not a normal way of coping with feelings, but it does help. It isn’t hurting anyone, it’s helping. It’s a good way to get their feelings across and sometimes really entertaining. There may be better ways to get those feelings across, but this is the media of choice for most Gen Z these days.