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Parents Bringing Their Young Children to Rated R Movies.

Alexandria Stilley

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Selling tickets at a movie theater is not a hard job, but you do have to deal with lots of different people, and with the new movie Deadpool one particular issue has become extremely common: parents bringing their young children to see R-rated movies.

At the theater I work at we have a policy that if a child is under six years old they cannot go into an R-rated movie no matter what. Most parents will either become very angry or lie. Parents have begun to pick up on the policy and the fact that there is no way for us to know what age their child is, so if they tell us their kid is six and they are not an infant, there is not much that we can do about it. For example yesterday a mother came in with her two daughters, obviously different ages, one obviously not yet six and the other could maybe have been six. The mother told us that they were both six. I had to let them in, even though I have seen the movie they were watching, Deadpool, and I definitely think that those kids were too young for the content. I am pretty relaxed about children seeing R movies, having seen my first R movie at the age of nine, and I would not show a child Deadpool until they were at least twelve.

I have taken to informing parents if the rated R movie they are seeing is rated such for good reasoning and they have a kid who is over six, but still young, and so far all of them have not cared. I guess that is fine, if they want their kids exposed to that and they say they are over six, there is nothing more I can do about it.

Some R rated movies I understand really aren’t that bad and it is fine to take your kids to them, but other ones are actually very inappropriate, so I definitely recommend at least going online and reading about movies before taking any young children into them to ensure that there is nothing in it that you do not want them to see. Movies are rated for a reason.

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