If a Political Leader Asked Me….

Mollie Engdahl, Writer

What would you do, say, think if a political leader asked what your thoughts were about the sudden incline of school shooting threats and past several school shootings?

“Hmm…what do you think?” I’d return the question right back to the politician. I mean, congrats! Political leaders you guys are finial asking teenagers what we think about the issue. After all, we high schoolers are the ones whose perspective extends from experiencing what our parent’s generation experienced plus what we’re currently experiencing. We’ve witnessed & experienced school when school gun violence wasn’t active & experiencing the school gun violence being active.

The solutions to making a difference are much simpler than what adults bicker about. For the government or society to actually do what it takes is a different story. Regulations & laws are just another boundary line to cross, lack of background checks yes but not the prominent answer for a change. Instead of pointing at each other or pointing to the sky, America needs to do something. I’d tell them love is the answer to these issues.

Countries such as Japan and Australia have taken the action to either banned or just removed guns, guess what? Japan and Australia haven’t had any major issues with gun violence. Countries who take action to find a way to protect their people while doing the best have gotten the outcome they wanted. America hasn’t done anything but bicker and gives thoughts. Logically it’s not guns who is responsible for the shooting, it’s the hands holding the gun who’s responsible for what happens. We’re only as safe as we wanna be so how about society Starts caring for one another? How about our government Starts loving its people?

If schools, communities, want security or safety, they need to love their communities and so does the government. Society needs to do not nothing society needs to give emotional support for those who need it properly.
1 Corinthians 13: 4-7, faith or not this is what America’s government should be doing. Duh, there’s No one solution or way to solving gun violence but Instead of pointing at each other or to the sky, the government should start loving their citizens. “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” I heard one teenager ask, “why can’t people love each other?” It so true tho. Love does Not doesn’t. Regulations & laws on guns are just more boundary line to cross. If schools, communities, want security or safety, they need to love their communities and so does the government.