Is Rock and Metal Music Violent?

Jaxson McLemore, Reporter

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  Most people who don’t listen to rock and metal think it’s violent. I disagree.  Most metal and rock artists have meaningful lyrics and songs. Most people think metal and rock has violent lyrics and no meaning.

Although most metal music sounds violent and crazy, the genre actually has lyrics that can hit your heart. Sometimes they’ll tell a story, talk about themselves and how they feel, or share details about their past.  Most rock and metal bands will include soft songs in their albums that do this.

In 2015, studies at a psychology school in Australia found that heavy metal actually calms some people and helps them relax. It also regulates sadness. Believe it or not the genre can be a great stress reliever.

 I admit metal and rock do sound violent. Some bands mean to be violent, and have violent songs and unpleasant lyrics. Even on stage and in music videos, bands can be violent, but most aren’t. Bands publically accused and criticised for their music as being a “bad influence” are Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Judas Priest and many more. Some people even believe the genre of music is tied to satanism and devil worshipping, but they are very wrong.

Metal and rock music can make great connections between the fans and the artists through songs, style of music, and even looks of the artists themselves. Historically, Elvis was considered a “bad influence” with rock n’ roll. People thought he threatened morality and the youth of his time. But he turned out to be highly influential. He had a positive influence on music for decades to come. He was considered the King of Rock N’ Roll.

 I suggest listening to Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song  if you need more convincing. It talks about norse mythology like Thor and Asgard.

Metal and rock music can be violent sounding, but when you scratch beneath the surface and  look deep inside the songs, then you can see the true meaning and hopefully throw out your stereotypes.

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Jaxson McLemore, reporter

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Is Rock and Metal Music Violent?