Nine Hours of Sleep or Nine Hours of Homework?

Calla Monroe, Writer

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          “Ugh. I can’t even stay awake, and I still have homework!”

          I am sleep deprived, depressed, and overworked. I am your typical teenager.

          The average teenager is supposed to get eight to 10 hours of sleep per night, according to But studies have found only 15 percent are getting that suggested amount. That leaves 85 percent of students getting a less-than-healthy amount of sleep.

          Many students in high school, especially those taking advanced classes, face one to two hours of homework or more every night after facing an eight hour day of learning. Imagine a school day starting at 7:30, containing eight classes, and ending at 3:30 p.m. That accounts for eight hours of the day. Pile on  2 more hours of homework and nearly half the day is gone.

          Getting a full 10 hours of recommended sleep gives students only four hours of “extra” time a day, for travel, meals, extracurriculars, athletics, or a job. This atrocious schedule leaves students skipping out on sleep to make time for everything else.

          Sleep deprivation causes many issues, such as weight gain, aggressiveness, and even drowsiness behind the wheel. Some solutions include starting school later and lessening the homework amount for high school students. Both would leave students with less stress and more time to spend recreationally or sleeping.

          So tonight, choose nine hours of sleep or nine hours of homework. For me, homework wins, which means the cycle of being sleep deprived, depressed, and overworked continues.

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Nine Hours of Sleep or Nine Hours of Homework?