Painting a Picture: Art or Vandalism?

Diana Lila, Photographer and Videographer

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Can graffiti ever be considered art?

Place your paint aside, put your brushes or spray paint down, brush off and take a step back and think is graffiti art. What even is graffiti you may ask? According to graffiti are markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings,written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom, or the like (

Now the way I see it is there are two versions of graffiti. There is vandalism which is most commonly the destruction of property. There is street art which is usually paintings, sculptures, posters, stickers and more.

In today’s society I personally think graffiti is more acceptable, but yet again still treated as a crime even if it is street art. Graffiti can be charged as a misdemeanors which means fines and up to a year in jail but if destruction of property is involved it becomes a felony. I understand when property is destroyed but a year in jail over a drawing? It’s just ridiculous. The sentenced should be lowered to community service.

Art is a form of expression for words that can not be spoken rather visually shown. It can be used as good to speak upon an issue that needs attention. Which is something I admire that a drawing can have such huge impact.

An example here in Lexington, Ky is a new piece just recently installed

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Diana Lila, Photographer/Filmer

Diana Lila is a senior, second year at Eastside Tech,

Spends a majority of her time sleeping,

When she's not sleeping she's out filming, photographing,...

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Painting a Picture: Art or Vandalism?