PC Gaming: The Master Race

Delia Charles, Reporter

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I suppose that I should preface this by saying that I, myself am a PC gamer and so I may be a little more biased on the subject. But I can assure you that I have played on the majority of the consoles except for the PS3 and the Xbox One. This includes the more mobile ones like the 3DS but not the PSP or anything like that.

But anyways, I have always been amazed with all the things that PC gaming provides. To me, it feels like there are a lot more things that can be done with PC gaming than console gaming and there is plenty of evidence to vouch for that statement. Plus, there is a large variety of possible setups that vary in mobility in order to meet any gamers needs. This awesome amount of customization and beauty created the PC gaming community’s title of ‘The Master Race’, which has been depicted as both a good and bad thing. But let’s start off with the good things about this beautiful platform because that will take a lot longer to go through.


To begin with, one awesome thing about computers is that they are both powerful and beautiful machines. Not only can you customize the way that your computer looks, but you can also control how powerful it is. This is something that cannot be done with most consoles and it is one of the main reasons that a lot of people prefer PC’s. I mean, who would not love an awesome looking case that shelters a very powerful machine all while helping your setup look like something that you could only imagine? The customization is endless and if you don’t want a desktop then you can always get a laptop, which can also be customized to fit your needs and there are plenty of designs to choose from. Unlike consoles, where you have no control over the power of it and there are only a few designs to choose from.

PC Graphics

Another nice thing about PC gaming is since you have the opportunity to have more power, you can also have better looking games. From high frame rates, to more detailed faces and environments, most of the time you will find that games played on the computer look smoother and better. However, consoles are rapidly catching up to the PC’s pristine looks and so this statement may not last much longer.

Despite the fact that consoles are getting closer to computer’s graphics, we still have something that they may never get, and that’s mods and free multiplayer. Mods, by far are my favorite thing about PC gaming and is what makes gaming on a computer so much better. They practically create endless hours of entertainment and there are infinite possibilities which can enhance the gaming experience by a lot. Especially when you are becoming bored with a game, because all you have to do is download a mod and you have new content, for free. It’s also really nice to be able to enjoy these experiences with friends… for free. As well as play with them even if they are across the country… for free. As you can probably tell, one of the saddest things about console gaming is that you cannot even be a part of the community and play with your friends without paying for it. This is something that I hope with change for consoles sometime in the future because it’s hard to enjoy gaming without the occasional play through with a friend.

But overall, PC’s are the superior platform simply because there are endless possibilities. If you want to be mobile, you can be. If you want to play with a controller, it’s possible. There are so many cool things about PC gaming that I did not even mention in this post, such as more accuracy with a mouse, exclusives and so on. Although, in my opinion, amazing exclusives can be found on all platforms and so it is not really a valid argument. But hey, the war between consoles and PC’s will never truly end and they all have their benefits and flaws and so we have to admit that we all just argue about this for the fun of it. And it’s definitely worth it.



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Also, can you think of anything that I may have missed in this story that makes PC’s superior? If you can, please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your opinions and additions.