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2017-2018 Staff

Charlie Elliot

Sports Reporter, Videographer

Hey I'm Charlie Elliott. I love sports and watching Netflix. I love being outdoors and truly love fishing. I like to take photos and make videos. As a first year Eastside student, I'm ready to perfect my photo and video...

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Eduardo Lopez

Photographer, Editor

Loves photography and growing my expertise as a portrait and event photographer.

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Jaylan Wells

Photographer, Editor

My friends call me Juice.

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Katherine Bullion


I'm a quiet and shy person who likes writing. I color my hair around every four months. I usually can be found in my room watching Netflix or Youtube until midnight. I've lived in a few places including Florida and Shanghai, China.

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Jade McMillion

Photographer, reporter

Hi, Im Jade!  I'm a high school junior. I'm 16 and have 3 brothers and 3 sisters (1 older brother and the rest of them are younger) I love Photography, family, and my pets. (1 dog named Hope and a cat named Poudge)

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Ashley Jesberger


Hi, I'm Ashley I'm a senior and 17 years old. I like food, cartoons, photos, reading and painting. :P

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Jaxson McLemore


I am a quiet and shy person in public, but when I'm at home I'm the opposite. I don't like sports at all and I'm a huge gamer.

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Jaden Sarvis

Anchor, Reporter

I am a senior from Georgetown, KY. I enjoy many things, such as gaming, music, reading, movies, and much more. I'm generally an easy going, somewhat hyper, random person.

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Preston Upgrove


I enjoy swimming, so much so I am a competitive swimmer and on the high school team. Eating food and sleeping are my favorite pastimes. I'm an Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts. I enjoy watching YouTube and movies. I hope to make a career...

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Kevondre Bledsoe

Anchor, Reporter

I'm a sophomore who enjoys making YouTube videos. My interests are many. If you're interested in mythical creatures, like me, check out my blog. http://kevondrebleds0e324.edublogs.org/

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Steven Roberts


My name is Steven Roberts. Sometimes I'm considered a pretty funny guy. I like chemistry, algebra, and astronomy. Death is inevitable. We're all insignificant. Live life to its fullest!  

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Alyssa Rezo


I really enjoy music. That's a big part of my life and I like nature. Photography interests me even though I'm not good at it, but I plan to be the more I learn and practice.

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Mollie Engdahl

Photographer Reporter

    I’m an optimistic ambivert with an equal measure of love for ice skating as photography/film.  My nickname is Ollie in which many people have fun rhyming with other words.  Fun fact, I’m the only adopted family member...

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Dylan Dinello


Hi I'm Dylan, You'll see me as a very funny person. 60% of the time I act serious but I'm being very sarcastic. One of my passions is I love editing. I've been editing for around 6 years now. I love editing pictures and even videos...

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Blake Barnes


Howdy! My name is Blake. I am an energetic, fun-loving guy who loves to goof around and be playful. I'm also a huge sports junkie who loves hockey and UK basketball. I love meeting new people and will talk to anyone.

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Calla Monroe

Anchor, Reporter

Calla Monroe is a junior and a first year student at Eastside Technical Center. Calla is passionate about news; this is her third year in school news activities. She spends most of her free time taking photos and playing with...

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Diana Lila


Diana Lila is a senior, second year at Eastside Tech, Spends a majority of her time sleeping, When she's not sleeping she's out filming, photographing, hanging out with friends or trying something new.    

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Tyler Reyes

Studio Director

Tyler Reyes is a junior and second year student at Eastside Technical Center. He is the man behind the scenes and likes directing shows.  Tyler has an entrepreneurial spirit and hopes to have a career in directing and producing...

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