2018-2019 Staff

Gavin Allen


Hello, my name is Gavin Allen I am currently a 2 year attender here at Eastside Technical Center and I love it here. I love taking pictures learning and creating content in this class. I play football and work hard. I want to...

Kody Smith


I like to play video games and hang out with my friends on my free time. I'm a shy and quiet person but I'm friendly and kind.

Shayla Moto


I enjoy sitting back and relaxing. But sometimes I am up for  going out and doing something because home is boring.

Rafael De La Rosa


I'm a band nerd. I love editing and podcasts.

Alyssa Stathis


Avid concert goer, tv lover, and movie enthusiast. Spread peace and love always❤️



There is a lot of peace in the world, but I am the rest of that crazy. You can call me THEKID or you can call me Mike but don't call my phone.

Sarah Murphy


I'm Sarah Murphy. I like to travel and try new things such as skydiving. I want a six month vacation twice a year.

Jackson Silence


I'm Jackson, my friends call me Jako. I've got a wide variety of interests, some of them being: Film, History, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), Playing Guitar, Writing, and whatever else comes my way. I love my dogs, family,...

David Biragane


Hey I'm David, I enjoy helping out in my community and playing Fortnite. I'm a christian who loves church, coffee, and donuts on Sunday mornings. I'm younger than I look.

Audrey Brown


I spend every Wednesday in a guitar lesson right after school. I like to spend the rest of my time editing or watching baking shows on Netflix.

Bela Washington


My name is Bela and I am often misinterpreted, and I have unique hobbies no one else has. I enjoy both filming and taking photographs, but I like to edit the most.

Skyler Bentley


I enjoy playing baseball and basketball with my friends.  I really enjoy fishing when I'm not playing video games or sports. When I'm not doing any of those things I'm out hanging out with friends and going to the movies and...

Angelo Cajigas


Hello! My name is Angelo Cajigas! I like to play video games and I also like to play basketball. I like to watch shows and movies and I also like cinematography and photography.

Keegan Lockhart


I'm a walking bucket and in the class of 2020. I'M LANKY!

Jay Crumbie


Watashi wa kaizoku no ō ni naru yo (I'm Gonna become King of The Pirates). I'm am making of creating my own video game available for all consoles, so that everyone who plays my game learns something that could help them in ...

Jaiden Carr


9th Hokage, Flying rajin jiku shippu senko rennodan zeroshiki. s-class ninja, Catch me at the next 5 kage summit. I enjoy watching anime, hanging with my friends, playing video games and traveling.  



You won't find any stupid quotes from me. I am working to be a competitive smash melee player. I am setting my sights  on going to a tournament with my club.

Jacob Sams


I'm a video editor an sometimes photoshopper. Making videos is what I love doing for fun. I tend to try to be very cinematic in the littlest projects.

Noah Westerman


Hi I'm Noah. I'm a Senior at Henry Clay. I'm on the Archery team. In addition to my interest in Archery, I'm a gamer, my favorite color is blue, my favorite subject is history and my favorite food is pizza.

James Bonci


Hey I'm James. I enjoy skating and catching dubs in Fortnite.

Malachi Woodard


Just a Gamer. Nothing More. Nothing Less

Katherine Bullion


When Katherine is not writing or playing the piano she can be found in her room watching YouTube or Netflix. She does not have a very interesting life, but she does have decent writing skills and a lot of TV recommendations. Hit...

Zayn Ogle


I like comic books

Mollie Engdahl

Photographer Reporter

    I’m an optimistic ambivert with an equal measure of love for ice skating as photography/film.  My nickname is Ollie in which many people have fun rhyming with other words.  Fun fact, I’m the only adopted family member...



When I'm not in school you'll find me out skating with my friends. My favorite things are film and music!

Imi Garner


I’m Imi and Eastside is my happy place.

Riley Marr

Photographer/ Filmaker

I have 2 dogs, and like to make short films  

Taylor Slone

Video Editor

I search for entertainment in my free time. I love games and absurd jokes.

Guillermo Hernandez

Video Editor & Podcaster

I am a meme turned wild. I can make you think about a something as much as I can make you laugh at my jokes. I'm a video editor, gamer, producer, and all round "good" person.

CJ Nicholson

Class Rapper

My real name is Craig but people call me CJ because........ why not. I play baseball. I enjoy long walks on the beach listening to music and playing video games till 2 am because once again....... why not.

Mollie Ehngdahl


Archery is awesome & ice skating is a love.  I'm open to learning new perspectives, open to new ideas.    A photographer/filmer whose love are in her friendships, an ambivert who loves the arts.

Jordan Hogan

Videographer / editor

I love to take cool pictures of any random thing I think looks cool. I love playing games on PC like: Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, and Meep City. I work a lot in Adobe software, mostly Premier Pro and...

Sada Hussein


I'm a real life-representation of geek- chic. I can also flip backwards on command without breaking my bones and I'm unusually flexible.

Kevondre Bledsoe

anchor, reporter, cameraman

I love working with cameras.  I am interested in many things (cats, dogs, making youtube videos and many many more.), If you are someone who needs a videographer, an anchor, or a reporter I am your guy. I really enjoy youtube...

Charlie Elliot

Sports Reporter, Videographer

I love sports and watching Netflix. I love being outdoors and truly love fishing. I like to take photos and make videos. We have a great staff here and I hope this year goes well.

Jade McMillian

Photographer, reporter

"Get a dictionary" Alonzo Lerone

Calla Monroe

Anchor, Reporter

I am passionate about news. I spends most of my free time taking photos and playing with her pets.

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