Teen Depression: At Risk


created by Michael Allen

Charlie Elliott, Reporter

Depression Meaning

  1. Feelings of severe despondency and dejection.
  2. A long and severe recession in an economy or market.


Depression in teens is not unusual. They can face many physical emotions in social life , family , school , work. When teens feel down they feel like they are not worth anything but actually they mean everything. Teens need adult guidance to understand all the physical emotions that they go through.

But sometimes depressed teens don’t have adult figures , so they run to their friends and sometimes friends aren’t good with advice. When teens get depressed they feel worthless and not important , but they are important someone will try to help and be by there sides for anything.

When teens get really depressed some will try to kill themselves. Teens get depressed when they are abused , bullied , etc. When they try to kill themselves they don’t really realize who they’re going to hurt and how much it’s going to hurt them.

I’ll admit I use to get depressed and think about suicide. And I really tried to , but I didn’t know how bad it was going to hurt my family , until I talked to my mom and she was in tears as soon as I told her I want to die. She told me ” Charlie son I love you and you’re brothers so much I would do anything for you please don’t kill yourself its not worth it you have so much potential you can do anything in your life and be whatever you want.” It was deep I realized if I did commit suicide my family would be really hurt , and I couldn’t imaging my family hurting so much over that.

I have to say to all the teens that get depressed. You are amazing people suicide isn’t worth it , you have so much you can do with your life. If you need help or someone to talk to go talk to an adult you trust or your parents. I know life can get hard but you got to be stronger than life and keep pushing God is seeing if you can be strong and he will guide you through everything just trust yourself and God will repay you.  I’ve been through worst in life to make myself into something , because I got strong and finally started to push myself and God relayed me now I’m doing me and playing football.