The Faces of Eastside: Bullied

Jade McMillian, Photographer

Behind every face is a story. Some people hide the pain. Here are some brave students who are brave to share their stories.

“I want to show people it’ll be okay and whatever happenes they’ll always know they always have people to help them back up”
“I don’t talk for the fear of being bullied again”
“I used to get bullied in 6th grade…. I used to get things thrown at me”
“People used to throw stuff at me on the bus when I was in elementary school.”
“Bullying for me was physical”
” There were two girls in my 4th grade class who threatened to beat me up on the last day of school”

“People would tell me about what they heard about me and it wouldn’t surprise me . Words hurt”
” Pulling someone down will never help you reach the top”
“Why fear death? Just because you know the song will end doesnt mean we shouldn’t listen”
Isaac K
“In the grand scheme of things, does that comment really amount to anything?” Eden S