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The Final Stretch is Lead By Finals Stress

Delia Charles, Reporter

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Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

The final weeks of school are upon us, and for most of us that means that we will have one less thing to worry about at least for a few months. But until then, its kind of hard to relax. We have a lot on our minds. We’re asking ourselves questions like: Are my grades where they need to be? Or do I have anything that I need to get done before the end of school? And most importantly, am I ready for the end off course exams?

Well, if you’re anything like me, tests can easily stress you out. It does not matter if I love the subject or not, whenever I am confronted with a test I’m always at least a little bit nervous, and it does not help that I am not the best test taker. And it certainly does not help knowing that this final exam is worth 15% of my grade! I mean, I already have a lot going through my mind and I know that it is getting close to the end of school and so I’m also trying to prepare for the summer. But in my mind I know that I have an important test coming up for each of my classes that can potentially change my grade by a letter, and that thought alone puts a lot of pressure on me.

Studies that have been conducted over the years have even shown final exams to be a bad thing. They end up creating so much stress for the students that take them that it can take a minor toll on their health. Honestly, I feel like if the tests could be a little bit better if we were given breaks between sections or if the test did not make up so much of our grades.

But then again, people may use it as a way to swing their grade in the right direction. I mean, if you are the type of person that can remember 177 days worth of information for at least 5 classes, then I would see this as a good thing for you. Although, I don’t think a lot of us can relate with that. Hopefully, one day the school board will realize this and maybe they’ll rethink how finals will work in the future.

But until then, we better get used to cramming 2 semesters worth of information into our minds. And maybe i’m seeing this the wrong way. Maybe there is something good about final exams, and I just don’t know about it yet. What do you think? Have the end of course exams helped you in the past? Or should they try to come up with a less stressful method of reviewing out year?

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The Final Stretch is Lead By Finals Stress