The Monopoly Mouse?…The Mickey Man?

Cameron Riddle, Writer

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Monopoly: the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.

Disney, founded in 1923, is now known to be an animation giant with little to no actual rivals within is market of entertainment. Disney world is the premier theme park with only universal studios and six flags getting anywhere close to the renown Disneyworld has had for decades.

They own Marvel, Pixar, ABC, and even Lucasfilm’s (STAR WARS!). Even ESPN is mostly owned by Disney completing their ranch into almost every form of broadcast television out there. Their presence is felt everywhere, from the ridiculously priced princess toys that run rampant throughout every toy store, to the extra five percent they’re extorting out of theatre owners to play The Last Jedi.

It’s about time we take a look and ask ourselves the hard question…”Is Disney a monopoly?”. It seems so at first glance, after all they own enough assets to fill an entire wiki page with just companies they own, but the truth is that things aren’t technically that bleak right now. Yes, Disney owns way too much to be completely comfortable with, and yes, they are extending their reach 24/7 in hopes of gaining even more power, but it’s not the only one Viacom, Comcast, there are tons of companies which, while being to weak to actually combat Disney on anything they try to do, act as unwitting shields for both us and Disney not allowing the company to gain monopoly status and consequently get taken down by the people.

Original art created by C. Riddle

This is what is known as an oligopoly, a state in which the competition is just a small number of huge

 competitors instead of a saturated market which is still just as if not more worrying n the whole, but here’s the best part. All of this competition has been mostly centered around getting top spots in a medium that’s mostly dying.  TV hasn’t been the most popular form of media in years with the rise of the ever-popular net neutrality laws, and overall better technology in which to access it. This has culminated in a society that has recently figured out that everything is better online, with YouTube gaining mass popularity and prestige and the old oligopoly quickly going out of style as they struggle to adapt.

Do you think we should continue worrying that Disney (or any one of the other big tv companies) are going to take over the world, or do you think that TV dying has mitigated such a risk from happening?

Until next time, this is a concerned fanboy, signing off.

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The Monopoly Mouse?…The Mickey Man?