Inside Valentine’s Day:

The Different Type of People on this Love-Filled Day

Alexandria Stilley

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This year on Valentine’s Day I didn’t do much. I had work from 8am-5pm, and after that it was too snowy to do much. but I did get to see a very diverse group of people who were coming to the Movie Theater that I work at, which also serves full meals in the theater, to spend their Valentine’s Day.

The first category of people I saw were the couples, the most obvious of movie/dinner goers on this day. They were all semi-dressed up, for the most part, and were very smiley and nice. Besides when the show was sold out. So when movies become sold out, we always get people who get mad at us, but if you tell a couple that they can’t do what they had planned on Valentine’s day, some people don’t take that too well. Luckily however most people just seemed disappointed and walked away.

The other type of people were the lonely ones. They would come and just buy one ticket and go see a movie,some it was normal, just going to see a movie, but others looked quite sad. Hopefully they saw a good movie though and it cheered them up!

The third and final were the friend groups. They were all rowdy and excited for their movies and fun friend valentine’s days!

There are many different types of people on Valentine’s day, which type of person were you?

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Inside Valentine’s Day: