Video Games Are Not Sports!

Jaden Sarvis, Reporter

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    I love playing video games, A LOT. I love the way it gives me the ability to take out any misplaced aggression I have without any real consequence to myself or others. I love the ability to create and destroy lives on a whim. I conquer cities, build empires, lead armies to battle, immerse myself in deep stories of people who deeply impact me, and so much more. I do this all from the comfort and relative safety of my own home. I love video games, but I’m not that so in love to think that this is something that it is not.

I do NOT think in any way, shape, or form that video games, at least the traditional ones that use the classic kind of controller we all know and associate gaming with, or a keyboard and mouse, could truly count as a sport. Now the definition of the word sport states that…




an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

While true that gaming competitions could fall under most of this definition, but the key phrase here is PHYSICAL EXERTION.  I don’t think sitting around twiddling your fingers and thumbs on controller or keyboard, while sitting down, could really be exerting yourself.

I recognize those who oppose my opinion are many. Bob Cook, writer for Forbes magazine, said it all in the title of his October 6, 2017 article: Why Video Games Are The Future, And Not The Enemy, Of Youth Sports. I disagree. Video games do not require no physical exertion.

Yes, there are cases where games have helped athletes.  Cook’s article cites how the long running Madden series helped high school football players on the field by already learning football nomenclature and reading opponents.  Another example cited how Backyard Baseball series taught his oldest son baseball before he played it, but that still doesn’t make video games a sport.

 He and others are entitled to their opinion and I won’t just attack for thinking differently from me. But I still think that video games are not, can not, and will not ever be, a truly recognized sport in any way, shape, or form.

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Jaden Sarvis, Anchor, Reporter

I am a senior from Georgetown, KY. I enjoy many things, such as gaming, music, reading, movies, and much more. I'm generally an easy going, somewhat hyper,...

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Video Games Are Not Sports!